Urban planning and sustainability of hong

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Urban planning and sustainability of hong

However, the new campus of the French International School shines amongst the congested cityscape. Danish architecture firm Henning Larsen has taken thesquare foot space and creates a visually captivating school which is designed to foster a rich academic environment while featuring cost-effective sustainable designs.

The clever use of sunlight was another feature designers of the building spent much time on.


Classrooms were positioned facing north or south allowing for sunlight to enter in a generous and balanced way. The specific orientation of windows helped avoid harsh rays entering from the east and west towards latter parts of the day.

The sound volume and acoustic integrity of the space was another design feature that eliminates unwanted noise pollution within school grounds and classrooms.

The landscape features of the campus are comprised of an accessible green roofa native garden filled with 24 large trees and 42 indigenous trees growing onsite. Showcasing examples of sustainability and playful whimsy, the school creates a warm and healthy environment for students and staff to flourish in.Hong Kong ranked 6 th in the Profit pillar with a high score of % for economic opportunity, demonstrating high levels of sustainability.

The existing public transport system is also very affordable, enabling cost-effective mobility for its inhabitants and creating good access throughout the city to connect workers, businesses and tourism.

Urban planning and sustainability of hong

The Urban Climatic Map: A Methodology for Sustainable Urban Planning [Edward Ng, Chao Ren] on ashio-midori.com *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. Rapid urbanization, higher density and more compact cities have brought about a new science of urban climatology.

An understanding of the mapping of this phenomenon is crucial for urban . We think that in order to achieve urban sustainability, both hardware and software support is need. At the later of the report, we hope to give recommendations on the above hardware and software issues in order to help Hong Kong achieving urban sustainability.

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Urban Planning & Sustainability Allaway, Arthur W., William C. Black, Michael D. Richard, and J. Barry Mason. “Evolution of a Retail Market Area: An Event-History Model of Spatial Diffusion.”.


related to management and planning for Hong Kong. The majority of Hong Kong’s urban center does not reflect deliberate urban planning, but has evolved into a mixed-use pattern. It is not surprising to find a co-existence of Vol. II - Urban Sustainable Indicators-A Case Study from Hong Kong - Stephen Siu.

Authentic planners (planners' in Anglo-Saxon name), contemporary urban and territorial systems. To study the concept of sustainability applied to the city and its morphological structures and the concept dynamic behaviour.

To define the potential models for territories of varying size, from one to .

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