The good and bad side of nationalism

Report this Argument Pro Nationalism, like any political ideology varies in intensity and fundamental nature from place to place and person to person. The core of nationalism is however universal to all nationalist movements. That core is one of shared national values and an identification with a single national identity. These values vary depending on the national identity represented they are usually apolitical in nature for example the values may be respect, human rights and so forth.

The good and bad side of nationalism

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Actually, replace "accidentally" with "repeatedly," and replace "dog" with "son. The 20th century was characterized by bloody warfare, economic dislocation and misery primarily for one reason: Nationalism applied to economics led to wars over resources that would have been more efficiently traded for than conquered.

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Japan had a similar motive for their invasions of neighboring countries. Nationalism applied to competitive politics justifies an endless list of abuses of liberty and civil rights. Putin is championing a combination of economic and political nationalism and the "place in the sun" appeal.

When cynical leaders use nationalist appeals to distract their populations from bad government, they are risking a return to those horrible experiences. Bush is wrong to do it in America. Chavez is wrong to do it in Venezuela. The Chinese Communist Party is wrong to do it in China.

And Putin is wrong to do it in Russia. LTG would have us praise Putin for raising Russian self esteem and establishing himself as a benevolent strong man. I say this is a tragically misguided point of view.

Putin is no Stalin granted. But Russia would be better off with a corrupt, drunken oaf like Yeltsin than a sober tyrant like Putin - even if he does make the trains run on time.

Liberty is the key. Prosperity is the point. Long term, stable prosperity cannot be got through nationalism. Only through economic and social liberty can such national happiness be attained. Ask the Germans and the Japanese how far their nationalist experiements got them.

The good and bad side of nationalism

Then ask them how things have gone since Posted by Raised By Republicans at 4:Start studying Chapter 8 Nationalism positive/negative effects. Learn vocabulary, terms, and more with flashcards, games, and other study tools.

Quick aside, When I read the con what I saw was, nationalism was bad because "Hitler". That was about the whole argument.

Nationalism With Its Positive And Negative Aspects

Nationalism is good because if you view your country as an extended family it becomes easy to see if you do what is best for your family can be nest for you and your future offspring.

Dec 19,  · A society with a lot of positive nationalism is more likely to be tolerant and open toward the rest of the world because its people have learned the habits of good citizenship and social justice.

Nationalism can be more than feeling patriotic about one’s own country, values, or efforts. It can also be a feeling of superiority. “We are the greatest nation on the face of this planet,” is a statement which is born from a sense of nationalism.

It advocates for independence, but there are.

Search Freeread The negative face turns away from global responsiblities.
Big Issues Aug 15, Case 9 Using your own evidence "nationalism" which I have renamed "Nationalism Sweet Spot" the effects of extreme or even overly moderate nationalism are clearly identified and key factors in many of the worst tragedies and horrific wars that have taken place in the last years. The "sweet spot" is patriotism.
Good and Bad Nationalism With Congress's recent rejection of the nuclear test ban treaty and an upcoming World Trade Organization meeting that's already causing a storm, it's useful to remind ourselves that there are two faces of nationalism.
About the Author This upcoming debate could be considered as a follow-up of the event since it is dealing with the pressing issue of relevance of nationalism in current world. At this point, there is a room for a debate about the purpose of nation-states we live in.
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I hold that nationalism is not about loyalty. Consideration and decision (and taking side) on what is right and wrong should only be made based on facts and information about its fairness.

Nationalism is devoid of morality, people attach their own morality to the ideology. Nationalism is but another political ideology aimed at solving the resource question, it is amoral and therefore it can be neither good nor bad.

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