Target rating points

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Target rating points

Like all efficiency metrics though, it regresses heavily to the mean each year. How can you actually use them to find buy-low candidates? Most of the names are familiar.

This makes sense since volume correlates very well with fantasy points. One shining example is Jarvis Landry. Landry had an aYPT of just 6.

Air Yards have been around for a long time. Elias Sports Bureau has been tracking complete and incomplete Air Yards on passes since Is there really anything else to learn? The answer may surprise you. Receiver Air Yards are the total number of yards thrown toward a receiver on a play in which he is targeted, both complete and incomplete.

Air Yards are charted orthogonally — or at right angles — from the line of scrimmage. Instead, they measure potential yards a receiver would have produced if he caught the ball and then was immediately tackled. In other words, they are a Target rating points of intent.

Target rating points is Important, and Air Yards Help Us Measure It When it comes to forecasting football players, the thing we are best at projecting is volume -- carries, pass attempts, targets.

Fortunately, volume correlates very well with fantasy points. For wide receivers, we track volume either through snaps, routes run, or targets.

Of these three stats, targets are the most common measure since they are most widely available. What Air Yards data does is allow us to see just how many yards are behind each of those targets.

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They are another way for us to quantify volume. Since volume is highly predictive of fantasy points, this is pretty exciting. This graph shows how PPR fantasy points rise as target depth goes up, even when you adjust for catch rate. The deeper the target, the more expected PPR fantasy points the target is worth.

For instance, throws that are 40 yards deep are caught only about 30 percent of the time, but are still worth more expected fantasy points than a yard throw.

The picture is largely the same with non-PPR scoring. Points still go up and to the right in a linear way with the depth of the throw. Using Air Yards to Predict Fantasy Points Last season over at RotoViz, I ran Air Yards data through a complicated machine learning model to spot potential buy-low candidates at wide receiver and tight end.

Each week the model looked at targets and Air Yards and spit out a list of guys that were under-performing their volume. The thinking behind the model is simple: If a player is getting a lot of targets and there are lot of Air Yards behind those targets, but he has put up terrible games in terms of fantasy points, we should expect a rebound in the near future.

How can we say that with any confidence? In plain English, that means we can be pretty confident that if we see a receiver getting heavy targets and Air Yards early in the season, the volume will continue as the season progresses. Pryor reappeared on the buy low list each week early on, despite almost constant change at the QB position in Cleveland.

Owners that acted early to scoop Pryor off waivers got a great deal on a player who was a safe bet to return value. And he did so despite Travis Benjamin putting up crooked fantasy numbers the first couple weeks.PFF roster tools and advanced player stats for NFL fans and fantasy football players.

In advertising, a gross rating point (GRP) is a measure of the size of an advertising campaign by a specific medium or schedule. It does not measure the size of the audience reached. Rather, GRPs quantify impressions as a percentage of the target population, and this percentage may thus be greater than, or in fact much greater than, Target rating points express the same concept, but with.

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Target rating points

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