Susu in ghana

Republic Investments offers a unique and broad array of personalized services to its varied clientele. It commenced business on August 26, This was in a bid to continue the pacesetting tradition of its parent company, Republic Bank Ghana Ltd.

Susu in ghana

History[ edit ] In the Akan language susu means "plan". In this context, planning with a group of people to save a certain amount of money.

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The s saw significant growth in the number of clients per susu collector in other African countries, and growth in the size of individual deposits, according to Aryeetey and Udry With the exception of the rural banks, their distribution is weighted towards urban areas, and towards the south.

Seven out of the thirteen districts in the Northern Region have no banks and the ratio of clients to banks in northern Ghana is much higherInformal financial agents include: Susu collectors are represented by an apex organisation, with whom are registered, though it is estimated another unregistered collectors operate in the North.

Whereas banks in Ghana offer high-value, long-term loans, Susu collectors can offer low-value advances or credit in the short term usually less than a month that is interest free.

Jobs Archive - Jobs in Ghana | Stephen Gyasi Jnr explains how the traditional susu system has evolved into its modern counterpart. Today, they have become the most ubiquitous firms in the country, especially in regional capitals.
What We Offer The Susu Collection System Source: Author Why do people participate in the Susu Collection system?
Twi language Audio | Twi Dictionary | Translate English to Akan | Akan Dictionary Origin[ edit ] Trade routes of the Western Sahara c. Goldfields are indicated by light brown shading:
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If larger sums are required, and they know the client personally, they can offer credit at higher rates than the banks, but without collateral to secure the loan. The Ghana Co-operative Susu Collectors Association GCSCA established inhas been trying to mobilize, organize, and regulate the operations of Susu collectors whose activities are sometimes fraudulent.

Some Third World charities such as Action Aidwork closely with Susu collectors, using them to efficiently distribute financial information and loans funded by the charity.

Operation[ edit ] Susu collectors usually run their businesses from kiosks located in the market place and act as mobile bankers.

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Otherwise they can often be recognized by their distinctive coats with many pockets. Deposits, often of low but regular value, are usually taken on a daily basis over the course of a month. At the end of this period the susu collector returns the accumulated savings to the client but keeps one day's savings as commission.

Susu collectors may also provide advances to their clients. Little's article in American Anthropology, as well as the book Traditional Peoples of the World by National Geographic describes susu groups in this context.List of Susu companies and services in Ghana. Search for Susu with Addresses, Phone numbers, Reviews, Ratings and Photos on Ghana Business Directory.

Industry Data. © GHAMFIN | All Rights Reserved | Powered By RIMCS Consult. During your time as an MIT Sloan Fellow, you' ll study side-by-side with today' s global leaders. Meet the MIT Sloan Fellows Class of and learn more! Susu collectors are a traditional form of financial intermediaries in Africa, predominantly in Ghana.

For a small fee they provide an informal means for Ghanaians to securely save and access their own money, and gain some limited access to credit, a form of looked after for an individual by a Susu collector is held in a Susu account.

Although present day Ghana took its name from the ancient Ghana Empire, there is no territory common to the two, as Wagadou was located in what is now Southeastern Mauritania, Western Mali, and Eastern Senegal. (The .

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Republic Bank Ghana Ltd formerly is a subsidiary of Republic Financial Holdings Limited (RFHL) of Trinidad & Tobago. Republic Bank is a leading Universal Banking Institution in Ghana and the most diversified Financial Institution.

Susu in ghana

A one-stop Financial Institution.

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