How to write an engagement announcement

For instance, a standard wedding announcement might say: An October wedding is planned.

How to write an engagement announcement

How to write an engagement announcement

Email Engagement Announcements Longer, personalized newspaper announcements can be requested, but they typically cost more than standard formats. Announcements including engagement pictures also cost more. While a couple may not be able to change much in a newspaper announcement, studying newspaper celebration listings can help them determine what types of engagement announcements they may be interested in.

Independent Samples of Engagement Announcements If a couple plans to mail printed engagement announcements, they can choose from many different formats.

In general, the announcement wording can be altered to meet the couple's preferences, but it should still reflect basic ideas about the wedding's formality, giving guests a hint of the celebration to come.

The degree of detail can vary - a couple may, for example, publish the exact wedding date or location, or they may not have made those decisions yet. Formal Announcement from Both Sets of Parents An alternative sample of an engagement announcement, offering the news from both the bride- and groom-to-be's parents, could read: Patrick Smith and Mr.

Semi-Formal Announcement from the Couple A less formal engagement announcement may come from the couple themselves and could read: A September wedding is planned.

Informal Announcement from the Couple Generally, informal announcements How to write an engagement announcement less information, and may even be worded in a more friendly fashion: We're in love, the ring is beautiful, and we are thrilled to announce our engagement.

A few words of warning, however: Announcements should be carefully worded so they are not mistaken for invitations, especially if everyone receiving an engagement announcement may not make the guest list. No mention of engagement gifts or registries should be made in an announcement.

Announcements should not include information about diamond carats or the engagement ring cost. Wording for Special Circumstances Today's families are very diverse, and many couples face special circumstances when writing engagement announcements.

Dealing with some of these circumstances may take considerable tact, and the following wording examples offer advice about how to tackle the most common issues.

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Divorced Parents If the parents are divorced, the announcement should mention both of their full names, even if their names are the same. James Thornman and Ms. Rebecca Thornman are pleased to announce… If divorced parents have remarried, stepparents can be mentioned, if the couple so desires.

The wording may then include multiple sets of parents, such as: Robert Canell and Mr. Carl Snyder are pleased to announce the engagement of their daughter, Lisa Jillian Canell… A Deceased Parent Some couples may wish to include the deceased parent in the announcement.

A deceased parent can be mentioned, if doing so is important to the couple. An appropriate way to do so would be something like the following: Jacob Redding and the late Mr. Paul Redding are pleased to announce… The Couple's Names Only An engagement announcement should not be used to begin a power struggle over who will control the wedding.

If there are harsh tensions among involved individuals, it may be best for the couple to issue the engagement announcement themselves or to consider an alternative to a formal printed announcement.

Modern couples may also be footing the bill for the wedding themselves. In these cases, couples can issue a simple announcement that includes both of their full names along with a few details about the impending wedding.

Announcement Alternatives If a couple isn't interested in printing and distributing engagement announcements, they do have several other options.

Email engagement announcements and wedding websites are popular choices, where the announcement can actually include a story of the marriage proposal, short biographies of the couple, and other relevant wedding information.

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A couple could also host a surprise engagement party to announce their new relationship this is the only circumstance where it is acceptable etiquette for the couple to throw their own engagement party. A couple could even spontaneously elope and combine a wedding announcement and engagement announcement together, but this alternative should be carefully considered first.

Careful Consideration Samples of engagement announcements can help a couple think about their wedding's formality, hosts, and theme, without the binding nature of wedding invitations.

By seeing announcement samples and carefully considering which announcement to use, the couple can begin to establish the type of celebration they are interested in and spread the word to family and friends at the same time.

Was this page useful?Writing a Newspaper Engagement Announcement & Wording. Since newspapers charge by column size, it is in your best interest to be concise. Typically written in the past tense (since the engagement has already occurred), the announcement is from the point-of-view of the party hosting the wedding, traditionally the parents of the bride-to-be.

How to Announce Your Engagement. We know—you can hardly wait to spread the news! Here's how to make your proposal public. by The Knot. Say it loud, say it proud: "We're engaged!" Below are a few standard engagement announcement wording options to get you started.

Formal Engagement Announcement Wording: Traditionally, an engagement is announced by a third party like the bride’s parents. What you write can be included as engagement announcement card wording or printed in a newspaper.

Choose from thousands of templates and designs, and then customize the layout, Affordable Customization · Affordable Customization · Satisfaction GuaranteedTypes: Semi-Gloss Paper, Matte Paper, Ultra Thick Paper, Handmade Paper, Luxe Paper. When composing your announcement, feel free to use the textual variation that best reflects your taste, audience and circumstances (for example, you can choose whether or not you want to include who’s “hosting” the wedding).

Below are a few standard engagement announcement wording options to . Begin writing your announcement. A simple template to follow is this one: "Mr. and Mrs. John Smith of Anytown, Anystate, announce the engagement of their daughter, Miss Mary Smith to John Brown, son of Mr. and Mrs. Harry Brown of Othertown, Otherstate." If either parents are divorced, the announcement should list them separately.

Samples of Engagement Announcements