Help writing a teaching cv

Think of your resume this way: To accomplish that, you need to see it as your marketing tool, your trusty belt buckle of tricks. Without it you are powerless.

Help writing a teaching cv

SHARE This post is part of a series on career advice for graduate students who are considering career options both inside and outside academia. If you are broadening your job search beyond the academic world, it is likely you will need both a Curriculum Vita CV for academic-related opportunities and a resume for everything else.

Keep in mind as you review this material that I am providing general guidelines which can and should be adapted to fit your situation. Remember-- not all employers are the same, even within a field.

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The bottom line as you help writing a teaching cv both your CV and resume is: Remember this question while you write your documents, including your cover letter. Length and Audience The two biggest differences between a resume and a CV are the length of the document and the audience for whom they are intended.

A CV for a recent Ph. The audience for the CV is academic in nature: Resumes, in general, are one page in length and designed to create a professional identity geared toward a more general audience in business, nonprofit, governmentetc.

How do you know when to use each document?

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Does the employer specifically request a resume or a CV? On the other hand, lawyers and other professionals who have the equivalent of doctoral-level training generally use resumes. Keep in mind the audience for the document. They are going to make rapid decisions based on hiring criteria, and their goal generally is to eliminate as many candidates as possible in the first round.

This means that any misspelled words or typos, mistakes, irrelevant information, sloppy formatting, are all going to result in elimination.

Make it easy for an employer to see what your strengths and talents are and connect them to the desired position. Use action verbs to highlight your strengths and accomplishments.

Present your information in an organized hierarchical system-- again, with the most relevant information first. Gapping language refers to the use of sentence fragments which begin with an active verb followed by a noun or a description of sorts. There is no "I" in a resume or CV. For instance, instead of writing, "Last summer I participated in a research study of teenagerscollecting and analyzing the data for an article soon to be published" you might write: Researched adolescent behavior; interviewed subjects, collected and coded data, and analyzed data using XYZ statistical software.

Prepared data for inclusion in forthcoming article in Psychology Today. The heading is simply your name, address, email, and phone. Do not include any personal information. Focus first on the name of the institution, the degree received, the major, and the graduation date on both the resume and the CV.


You will include your dissertation title and a short explanation if necessarythe name of your advisor and possibly the members of your committee, depending on the tradition within your field of study.

If you have received additional training through workshops on teaching methods, seminars, computer training, etc.

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Do not include your advisor or committee. List your dissertation title only if relevant to the job. Otherwise, consider creating a line like, "Completed research focusing on If you have received additional training through seminars, workshops, continuing education, etc.Teachers Professional Resumes provides online packages to assist teachers for Resumes, Curriculum Vitae(CVs) & Cover Letters.

help writing a teaching cv

We offer a range of products and services to assist the aspiring school leaders throughout Australia. A curriculum vitae, commonly referred to as a “CV,” is a longer (two or more pages), more detailed synopsis than a resume.

Your CV should be clear, concise, complete, and up-to-date with current employment and educational information.

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A strong teaching assistant CV needs to be well formatted, and contain the right content to impress recruiters and teaching employers. This guide tells you everything you need to know about writing a first-class CV for teaching assistant roles, and even contains a teaching assistant CV example, to show you exactly how your CV should look.

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help writing a teaching cv

Here at StandOut CV we focus on one thing, getting you the interviews you your CV writing service today with a free CV review from one of our experienced CV writers and let us create an interview-winning. Writing Effective CV's and Resumes If you have received additional training through workshops on teaching methods, seminars, computer training, etc., create a separate section called.

2 INTRODUCTION The curriculum vitae (also referred to as the vita or CV) are a summary of an individual’s educational background and experiences.

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