Decriminalization of cannabis in canada essay

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Decriminalization of cannabis in canada essay

Decriminalization of Marijuana in Canada By: Marijuana was first banned in under the Opium and Drug Act, but since the Controlled Drugs and Substances Act have controlled it. Inover 30, Canadians were charged with possession of marijuana.


Currently, the marijuana laws are not enforced equally across the country, which has prompted the interest in changing the laws or possibly decriminalizing marijuana. Also, those convicted of marijuana related crimes usually don't go to jail, but they do receive a criminal record.

There are currently two committees researching the possibility of legalizing marijuana in Canada. The Senate committee reported in September ofand stated that marijuana is not a gateway drug. They also reported that marijuana should be treated more like tobacco or alcohol. The House of Commons committee's report stated that although marijuana is unhealthy, the punishments for having even a small amount of marijuana are disproportionably harsh.

The House is promoting the decriminalization of marijuana to make it legal to possess an amount of marijuana not exceeding 30 grams, which is about one ounce. These two committees seem to come to the same conclusion that marijuana is placed in the same class as more "hard-core" drugs such as heroin and cocaine, when it should not be, as they view marijuana as a safer drug.

As stated previously, the Senate states that marijuana is not a gateway drug. A gateway drug is the term used to identify drugs that are not narcotics, but their use will lead the user down the path to harder drugs like heroin.

Support for the Decriminalization of Marijuana There is actually a political party in Canada called the Marijuana Party of Canada, and it has many supporters.

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These supporters believe that the only route to take is full decriminalization of marijuana, which is not likely to happen. One argument of these supporters is that the current penalties for marijuana possession are too harsh.

Realistically, there is not chance that marijuana will ever be completely decriminalized in Canada, as the effects from this would be damaging to Canada's relationship to the United States. Bush has already stated that full decriminalization of marijuana would lead to longer and more thorough border searches, due to the possibility of increased drug trafficking across the border.

Decriminalization of cannabis in canada essay

This is why the Canadian government is leaning more toward decriminalizing small amounts of marijuana rather than legalizing it. The theory behind the decriminalization of the possession of small amounts of marijuana for personal use should be tied to a national drug strategy that promotes awareness and prevention, and provides for comprehensive treatment.

The government would sponsor programs to educate youths about the dangers of marijuana, and also support programs to aide citizens who have addictions to marijuana.

Opposition to the Decriminalization of Marijuana There is also strong support on the other side, opposing the decriminalization of marijuana. Their argument is that by legalizing, or even decriminalizing small amounts or marijuana will lead to an increase of the use of other drugs.

They also contradict the view of those who support the decriminalization of marijuana by stating the marijuana is indeed a gateway drug that will lead users to start using narcotics like heroin and cocaine.

They believe that people who start off using marijuana and get addicted will start searching for new ways to get high, and basically start down the path of drug use to harder, more addicting, and more life threatening drugs.

Another point that the opposition makes is the message that decriminalizing marijuana would send to young people. Kids in schools would be heavily influence by older children who are already using marijuana, and it would spread throughout the schools.

All your life you are being taught that drugs are bad, and now all of a sudden, they are legal? This would increase drug use not only of marijuana, but also of hardcore drugs. If marijuana is legal, than these other drugs can't be too bad, right?

That is the question that the younger generation will be thinking to themselves.The modern-day gold rush. Increasingly clients interested in cannabis related business activities will be interested in obtaining cannabis trademarks.

Decriminalization of Marijuana Essay Darnell Taylor M Illicit Substance Laws- Cannabis in Canada Marijuana is a drug that seems to defy law enforcement and continues to be publicly supported and used. Read Decriminalization of Marijuana in Canada free essay and over 89, other research documents.

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