Childhood obesity the responsibility of parents

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Childhood obesity the responsibility of parents

Parents, teachers, school administrators, policymakers, and city planners are all responsible for helping to create a childhood obesity crisis. They must all now be responsible for helping to eradicate it.

He believed obesity is a condition "caused by freely chosen behavior" and maintained people can simply cure themselves by eating less and exercising more. Now we have a report from SERMO, the leading global social network for physicians, announcing that, according to a recent poll of its members, 69 percent of doctors think parents are either completely or mostly to blame for the childhood obesity epidemic.

So, who is to blame? Centers for Disease Control and Prevention tells us that one in six children in the United States is obese.

And according to the World Health Organizationchildhood obesity is one of the most serious public health threats of the 21st century. There are now nearly twice as many overweight children and almost three times as many overweight adolescents as there were in -- and it previously took 30 years for the number of overweight American children to double.

So we have to admit that something, somewhere, is very wrong. Rather, adults are choosing for them. A report this month stated that kids have three times too much homework.

Are children responsible for the fact that a large percentage of two- to seven-year-olds - and an even larger percentage of eight- to eighteen-year-olds - have TVs in their bedrooms?

Childhood Obesity: A Framework for Policy Approaches and Ethical Considerations

That, according to a Kaiser Family Foundation studykids are spending an average of 7. That fast food consumption is out of control?

Childhood obesity the responsibility of parents

That playgrounds are not given the same priority as parking lots? That cities are built, not for walking and biking, but with automobiles in mind? The problem is, once a child is obese as a result of all these adult-made decisions, the odds are pretty much stacked against him.

Childhood obesity the responsibility of parents

Forty percent of obese children and 70 percent of obese adolescents become obese adults. Indeed, by the time a child is six years old, her chances of becoming an obese adult are over 50 percent.

The physicians believe parents are to blame. By the way, just how much have pediatricians done to stem the tide? It is the responsibility of everyone who lives and works with -- and makes decisions involving -- them.Essay about Childhood Obesity: the Responsibility of Parents Words Nov 3rd, 8 Pages Childhood Obesity: The Responsibility of Parents Although obesity is a very sensitive topic, it is a pressing issue in modern culture, and it is something we cannot ignore.

GESL Professor Knutson Paper three, final draft Childhood Obesity Childhood obesity is an epidemic in America as many children are overweight or obese, and parents and advertisements are to blame. Although advertisements do have some responsibility for child obesity, parents are the most to blame for buying unhealthy food.

Childhood obesity in school-aged children is rising, and it's the responsibility of the parents to prevent this from happening to their own children.

Much more than an aesthetic issue, childhood obesity is a major health problem. Childhood Obesity: The Responsibility of Parents Although obesity is a very sensitive topic, it is a pressing issue in modern culture, and it is something we cannot ignore.

This study examined the independent and combined associations between childhood appetitive traits and parental obesity on weight gain from 0 to 24 months and body mass index (BMI) z score at 24 months in a diverse community-based sample of dual parent families (n = ). A mother’s responsibility for a child’s weight may begin as early as the womb.

According to one large German study, expectant mothers who gain too much weight during pregnancy increase their child’s chances of being overweight by .

Parental Responsibility and Obesity in Children | Public Health Ethics | Oxford Academic