Assertiveness in elt a review of

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Assertiveness in elt a review of

We can become fatigued following long periods of work and also following periods of hard work. When fatigue becomes a chronic condition it may require medical attention but, workers should never self-medicate! As we become more fatigued our ability to concentrate, remember and make decisions reduces.

Therefore, we are more easily distracted and we lose situational awareness. It is a human problem that we tend to underestimate our level of fatigue and overestimate our ability to cope with it. Therefore, it is important that workers are aware of the signs and symptoms of fatigue — in themselves and others.

Fatigue self-management involves a three-sided programme of regular sleephealthy diet including reduced use of alcohol and other drugsand exercise. Lack of resources If all the parts are not available to complete a maintenance task, then there may be pressure on a technician to complete the task using old, or inappropriate parts.

Regardless of the task, resources also include personnel, Assertiveness in elt a review of, data, tools, skill, experience and knowledge etc.

It may also be the case that the resources available, including support, are of a low quality or inadequate for the task.

When the proper resources are available, and to hand, there is a greater chance that we will complete a task more effectively, correctly and efficiently. Therefore, forward planning to acquire, store and locate resources is essential. It will also be necessary to properly maintain the resources that are available; this includes the humans in the organisation as well.

Pressure Pressure is to be expected when working in a dynamic environment. However, when the pressure to meet a deadline interferes with our ability to complete tasks correctly, then it has become too much. It is the old argument of Quantity versus Quality; and in aviation we should never knowingly reduce the quality of our work.

Assertiveness in elt a review of

Pressure can be created by lack of resources, especially time; and also from our own inability to cope with a situation. We may come under direct, or indirect, pressure from the Company, from clients and even our colleagues. However, one of the most common sources of pressure is ourselves.

These poor judgements are often the result of making assumptions about what is expected of us. These skills are essential, and when deadlines are critical, then extra resources and help should always be obtained to ensure the task is completed to the required level of quality.

Lack of assertiveness Being both unable to express our concerns and not allowing other to express their concerns creates ineffective communications and damages teamwork. Unassertive team members can be forced to go with a majority decision, even when they believe it is wrong and dangerous to do so.

Assertiveness is a communication and behavioural style that allows us to express feelings, opinions, concerns, beliefs and needs in a positive and productive manner.

It is about communicating directly, but honestly and appropriately; giving respect to the opinions and needs of others, but not compromising our own standards. Assertiveness techniques can be learnt and they focus on keeping calm, being rational, using specific examples rather than generalisations, and inviting feedback.

Most importantly, any criticisms should be directed at actions and their consequences rather than people and their personalities; this allows others to maintain their dignity, and a productive conclusion to be reached.

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Stress There are many types of stress. Typically in the aviation environment there are two distinct types - acute and chronic. Acute stress arises from real-time demands placed on our senses, mental processing and physical body; such as dealing with an emergency, or working under time pressure with inadequate resources.

When we suffer stress from these persistent and long-term life events, it can mean our threshold of reaction to demands and pressure at work can be lowered. Thus at work, we may overreact inappropriately, too often and too easily. The situation of stress arising from lack of stimulation at work has been covered above under Complacency above.

Some early visible signs of stress include changes in personality and moodserrors of judgementlack of concentration and poor memory. Individuals may notice difficulty in sleeping and an increase in fatigueas well as digestive problems.

Longer-term signs of stress include susceptibility to infections, increased use of stimulants and self-medicationabsence from work, illness and depression. It is important to recognise the early signs of stress and to determine whether it is acute or chronic.

Coping with daily demands at work can be achieved with simple breathing and relaxation techniques. However, perhaps more effective is having channels of communication readily available through which to discuss the issue and help to rationalise perceptions.

It is entirely appropriate that some of these channels involve social interaction with peers. As with fatiguesleepdiet and exercise are all important factors in helping to reduce stress and build resilience to stressors.

If the stress is chronic, then definite lifestyle changes will be required; this must be achieved with support from the Company. Companies ought therefore, to have employee assistance or wellbeing policies that include stress reduction programmes.

Such lack of awareness may also result from other human factors, such as stressfatiguepressure and distraction. It is important to build experience throughout our careers, especially concerning the roles and responsibilities of those we work with, and our own place in the wider Team.Language and Gender: A study case 1.

Introduction 1 Directness and assertiveness 15 4. Summary 17 a brief review of the literature with respect to men’s and women’s speech will also be mentioned in this paper. 2 2. Differences in men’s and women’s speech General comments. Issues of language and gender in second and foreign language education.

Language Teaching, Vol. 33, Issue. 04, p.

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Language and gender. Volume American Sociological Review, 16, – Strodtbeck. Communication has been defined as the transfer of information and understanding from one person to another through the use of common symbols.

Communication can flow upward, downward, and laterally, that is, from subordinates to superiors, from superiors to subordinates and from peer to peer. Kaithe Greene explores bullying in the English language teaching industry, whether it is any different to that in other industries, its likely causes and possible solutions.

a review of the literature Workplace Bullying In The EFL Industry. Share: G+ Twitter Facebook Email Print. Find a TEFL Teacher. Get the world's #1 ESL board game. Selection and peer-review under responsibility of the Organizing Committee of LINELT doi: / ScienceDirect LINELT The Relationship among Critical Thinking, Emotional Intelligence, and Speaking Abilities of Iranian EFL Learners Hassan Soodmand Afshar a*, Masoud Rahimi b a Assistant Professor in TEFL, Bu-Ali.

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Language and Gender: A study case 1. Introduction 1 Directness and assertiveness 15 4. Summary 17 a brief review of the literature with respect to men’s and women’s speech will also be mentioned in this paper. 2 2. Differences in men’s and women’s speech General comments. Assertive classroom management strategies and students’ performance: The case of EFL classroom Her areas of interest include SLA and ELT education. PUBLIC INTEREST STATEMENT organizing, teaching management, teacher– student relationship, and teacher sanction–reward strategies, review the literature and describe the process in. EFFECTIVENESS OF MIND MAPPING IN ENGLISH TEACHING AMONG VIII STANDARD STUDENTS INTRODUCTION Education is an integral part of human life. It is the basic i-manager’s Journal on English Language Teaching, Vol. 5 l No. 1 l January - March Renu Raj & Sweta Dvivedi () conducted a study on “Effectiveness of mind mapping in.

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Assertiveness in elt a review of

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