Anthropology research proposal

Action research proposal writing is your first step in getting approval to undertake your research and it needs to be done in a thorough and very convincing manner. Your tutor and the supervisory committee are going to want to see that you have a sound grasp of the problem, the current literature and of course the precise methods that you are hoping to use to solve the problem. If you cannot convince them that you have all of this and that your project has a good chance of success then you will be unlikely to be allowed to continue to the actual research. A great deal of time needs to be invested in your proposal as well as an enormous amount of thought and research; a specialized writing service such as ours can help you with this.

Anthropology research proposal

Drafting a Research Proposal Drafting a Research Proposal A research proposal informs the reader your advisor about the scope and scale of the issue or idea that you wish to explore in your project.

Your proposal should include the following sections: A research problem is distinct from a topic in that it is more specific and orients research toward an analysis or solution.

Research questions have to be complex. If you already know the answer to the question, or if it can be obtained through a few simple inquiries, it is not an adequate research problem.


It should be a puzzle, a mystery that you want to solve. It should also require you to look at multiple sources. In introducing your problem in a research proposal, you should provide a succinct statement which will help you to remain focused on the issue that you are addressing and how the information you will be discussing is related to that issue.

In a proposal, that section provides a brief overview of the larger issues and ideas of your topic, and how this specific research problem relates to these larger issues.

Whatever you choose to highlight, the reader should be convinced that your research will contribute to our understanding of broader social, historical or cultural issues.

Yet it is helpful to consider any current research as part of a scholarly conversation. The literature review section of your proposal is an opportunity to begin that conversation by reviewing the research to date, indicating what aspects of it your project will build upon and the ways that your proposed research differs from what has already been done.

American Association of Physical Anthropologists Introduction One of the major claims made regarding qualitative methods is that they diverge from scientific explanation models in terms of the need for hypothesis testing.
American Association of Physical Anthropologists Professor Marilyn Ivy; Schermerhorn Extension; ; mji4 columbia.
ANG | Sample Research Proposals E1 Project Title Toxic culture? Embedded cultural assumptions in Sydney concerning greenhouse gas emissions and global warming.
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You should be able to identify themes that emerge from the existing research as well as its shortcomings. In this section, you should also clarify the theoretical orientation of your project and identify specific sources from which you will draw.

That, in fact, may become a useful point for you to discuss in the conclusion to your work.

Can a Sample Action Research Proposal Help You?

But having some sense of the result you expect will help keep your work focused on the relevant issues and will keep you alert to information which may lead to conclusions other than what you expected. Keep in mind that this is an initial proposal for your research. You have not fully worked out the argument you intend to present.

The objectives you are presenting in the proposal are based on your initial research into the problem. Experienced researchers understand that the objectives of their problem get refined as their work progresses. This will include a discussion of research methods. In this section, it is important to be clear about how each step, or how each specific method you will employ, will help you get at the problem that guides the research.

In other words, if you say you will be doing focus groups, provide a rationale. Why is a focus group a better way to collect data for your research than a few in-depth interviews?

You should include a timetable for your research in this section. This is not set in stone, but can be helpful as your work progresses. You should restate the gist of the problem, its relationship to larger issues, the information you will use to address this issue and what you anticipate you will discover.Link to College of Arts and Letters Programs Anthropology.

Anthropology research proposal

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We're trusted and chosen by many students all over the world! Example proposal: Cultural Anthropology. Example proposal: Cultural Anthropology. Exploring connections between religious beliefs and medical decisions in Accra, Ghana. Abstract. How does your proposed research relate to the work of others in this field?


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For the best information on how to write an excellent proposal, students should consult with faculty mentors and read through the Cotlow Workshop slides.

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Anthropology research proposal

Cotlow Fund Proposals | The Department of Anthropology | The George Washington University.

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