An analysis of the ravens by maurya simon

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An analysis of the ravens by maurya simon

After the war was over Krishna was himself contemplating the end of the snooty Yadav race.

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They were very powerful under the protection of lord Krishna so no external force could defeat them. If the Yadavas were unharnessedthey will become a burden to the planet.

Krishna realized the gravity of the situation and the importance of bringing the destruction of his own beloved race. Days flew by after the coronation of Yudhishtra as the king of Hasthinapur.

Krishna went back to Dwaraka to rule over the prosperous kingdom. Slowly but steadily the the curse of Gandhari bore fruit.

The pompous Yadavas shed their conduct, morals, scruples and humility. One incident sealed their fate. Some great sages were on pilgrimage and they stopped by at Dwarka to meet Krishna and Balarama. The Yadavas, which included Bhodakas, Vrishnis, Kekeyas and Andakas, wre now at the peak of wanton uncouth behavior.

A bunch of Yadava boys decided to tease the sages. They approached the sages and asked them to predict whether the 'lady' would give birth to a boy or a girl. The dismayed sages saw through this charade and were shocked at this lack pf respect.

In anger, on of the sages cursed them saying that the disguised boy will give birth to a lump of iron which will destroy the entire Yadava race. The Yadavas, again showed extreme disrespect and responded with sarcasm, instead of an apology. They immediately rushed with the mace to Akroora and Ugrasena and in the presence of Krishna himself; they narrated the weird tide of events.

Krishna knew the events which would transpire in futureand kept quiet. Akroora looked with intent at Krishna, his eyes full of questions. Krishna simply smiled back. Sambha has played his part perfectly.

It was too hard to grind. The Yadavas threw everything into the sea. The fear disappeared and they went back to their wanton and rowdy behavior.

They started to drink heavily and were intoxicated throughout the day. Time rolled by. The triangular piece of the mace was swallowed by a fish. The fine powder, on the other hand, washed back ashore and deposited itself by the beautiful coast of Dwaraka. A certain sharp serrated grass grew in lush abundance in the area where the powder was deposited.A ATP World Tour Masters A cappella A Coruña A Portuguesa A* search algorithm A-Teens A priori and a posteriori Fairchild Republic A Thunderbolt II Douglas A Havoc A-League A-side and B-side The A-Team A.

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An analysis of the ravens by maurya simon

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